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The kit includes: 

  • 1 x Deep Cleanse-Pro Mitt
  • 1 x 4oz Stress No More Genie in a Bottle
  • 1 x Body Cup Set

Ease you or your partner’s stress and tension with a deeply relaxing Bellabaci Stress No More Kit.

Aromatherapy is a well-known and ancient treatment modality to support the body during times of stress and tension.

Bellabaci Body Cups Set consists of two(2)long-lasting superior grade medical silicone cups, both pliable but 1 softer than the other. 1 Hard and 1 Soft Body Cup.

Traditional Chinese Cupping therapy is a well-known treatment modality to help support the health of the body. The modernized form know as massage cupping feels great and still reaps the benefits of traditional cupping therapy.

Do not use during pregnancy or lactation. The Stress No More Genie Formula does not replace any medical treatment as prescribed to you by your overseeing doctor. Avoid if allergic to any of the ingredients, do not expose to the sun and check with your doctor if you have any diagnosed medical conditions before using this Genie.

This information is provided for educational purposes only. All medical conditions must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified health professional. No medical claims are made.


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